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Food Safety Certification Prep

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Preparation study guide for Food Service/Food Handler certification exams.The Food Safety Certification Guide is a study tool that helps prepare you for national exams such as the ServSafe Food Protection Manager Certification Examination, the American Food Safety Institute (AFSI) Food Manager Certification (FMC) exam, and the National Registry of Food Safety Professionals (NRFSP) Certified Food Safety Professional examination as well as state level exams. Whether you are a culinary professional, kitchen manager, food safety professional or home cook, this app improves knowledge of safe food preparation, food storage, and kitchen practices.
Includes more than 300 multiple choice quiz questions and 300 flashcards. Includes glossary with common terms and definitions in eight (8) learning modules.
- Introduction to Food Safety - Biohazards, Contaminants and Food Spoilage - Preservation and Temperature Control - Cleaning/Sanitizing and Health/Hygiene - Pest Control - Facility Design - The HACCP System - Acronyms

This study guide app is suited to people wishing to develop foundation knowledge of food safety procedures and key concepts needed to pass any related exams.
Primary Category Health & Fitness
Secondary Category (optional) Education
Keywords Food Safety, Food Handler, Restaurant, Food Service Manager, HACCP, Critical Control Points